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may my enemies live long enough to see me progress
"Love one another." the last message of George Harrison, the former Beatle, to the world before his death.

Welcome to the Cullen Center! ✌️💕🙌 #newbuilding #dope #wcc
#mcm to the dopest boy campers and male counselors ever. 💕 #abs2k14 #summercamp #foreverthrowback

When your friends are twins and it’s their 21st…it be like…
Of all the disney princesses, Jasmine was the most feminine. She embraced her womanly nature and used it to her advantage. She didn’t need to be the title character of her respective film to be significant. I think that’s what made her different and I sometimes feel that she is overlooked compared to other princesses. In my opinion, she is a symbol of female prowess - proving herself to men by being what she is: a strong, independent woman.

The flowers, from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.